Corey Miller caught his first fish at Woods'lake a while back. Way to go Corey! We hope you
catch many more.

At day's end,we encourage the people who fish here to bring their catch so we can get a picture or two for this web site.  The slide shows are over a period of time showing some of the fish caught here.
   We'd love to put YOUR picture here.

By the way, below are five links with important  information about fishing here at the lake.
 Read them if you have the time

This is a 35 pound Catfish. He has been cought twice in the last three years and each time, he was released back into the lake.  I have nothing against this Catfish, but a 35 pound catfish will eat a five pound bass for lunch and we don't know anybody who wants that. 
If you aare the one who manages to land this bad boy and bring him to us WITHOUT PUTTING HIM BACK IN THE LAKE, and you will fish for the rest of the season for FREE.  He was caught by one of our shermen (pictured to the left) and released.  He's still out there, swimming and eating and we want him gone!
Fishin's been pretty good this year so far!
let's face it, the lake's a lot of fun, even when nobody's fishing